Vintage Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christmas cards upcycled to hand-soldered glass Christmas tree ornament

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Handcrafted pendant made from 1950s-60s vintage Christmas cards. One side features a charming santa claus, and the opposite side features a bit of vintage wrapping paper.

The images are sandwiched between two pieces of light and durable glass, then hand-soldered with lead-free solder

2 x 2.75 inches, with additional 2" added with a chain for hanging the ornament.

All of our ornaments (and our pendants too!) are created from the original source material, curated and up-cycled directly from vintage children's books, dictionaries, old calendars, and other printed materials diverted from the waste stream. We NEVER duplicate, copy or reproduce images. This means your ornament is a unique, one-of-kind item, and we enjoy good "copyright karma" by respecting the intellectual property of the original artists!

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